The Radant Family

The members of the Radant branch of my family arrived in the United States between 1855 and 1881, with each of the four branches coming from a different German province. They came from Kreis Regenwalde, Pomerania (Radant); Kreis Karthaus, West Prussia (Guhse); Leipzig, Saxony (Matthiae) and Kreis Arnswalde, Brandenburg (Heise). The Radant family first settled in Theresa, Dodge County, Wisconsin and moved to Stettin, Marathon County, Wisconsin about 1859. The Guhse family first settled in Manistee, Michigan and later came to Stettin, Marathon County. The Matthiae and Heise families came directly to Marathon County, the Heises settling in Rib Falls and the Matthiaes settling in Cassel.

Alan R. Wambold, MA-LIS – Historical Research Services