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Since my early years I have been interested in history. As a young child I enjoyed sitting and listening to my grandparents and their siblings tell the old family stories. My curiosity led me to want to know more.
In my late teens I began to get serious about researching my family history, I also began to do in-depth research into military topics that interested me. I began doing professional research for others during my career as a game designer for The Gamers, Inc.
While attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison I began to regularly do work for clients who needed research done in the archives and collections of the Wisconsin Historical Society and the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research. Since then I have accumulated many thousands of hours of research experience in archives, libraries, courthouses, churches and cemeteries throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.
In the course of my research I have utilized books and records in German, French, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish and Russian. Areas of expertise include military history and cartography. I have a Masters Degree in Library and Information Studies with a concentration in Archives Administration. I have been the Director of the Sheboygan, Wisconsin LDS Family History Center for several years and a genealogy instructor with the Plymouth, Wisconsin school district’s Community Education department.
I would love to utilize my skills at quickly and efficiently locating relevant information to assist you with your research needs.

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Publications & Websites

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